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Things that help the environment by being recycled

It’s no secret that the environment is in trouble. Every day, we hear about new ways in which humans are harming the planet.

And while it can feel overwhelming, there are small things we can do every day to help make a difference. One of those things is recycling.

By recycling instead of throwing away products, we can create jobs and conserve resources. So talk about some common items that can be recycled and how you can recycle them.

In our daily lives we are accustomed to an increasingly accelerated way of life. We do or stop doing things to save time such as buying prepared food, going to the supermarket to buy fast food and we do not realize that in this way we produce an exorbitant amount of garbage daily.

We use plastic bags for groceries, to store food in the fridge, to use in the garbage cans. Coffee bought quickly in the morning comes in a plastic container, stirrer made of plastic. Personal care products, cleaning products, all plastic.

Consume and consume in such an accelerated way that the horizon blurs and we are left with a pile of waste so big that there is no room for anything else.

What kind of things can we recycle to conserve the environment?

The manufacture of plastic bottles requires petroleum processing, which emits polluting gases into the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect. It is an easy and cheap process for large industries, which makes plastic the most commercialized petroleum product in the world.

According to UN data, the planet’s temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees by the end of the 21st century, which will lead to melting ice and a rise in sea level of between 40 and 63 cm.

It is imperative to continue recycling, even if it seems to make no difference now, our next generations will be grateful.

Swet Athletix is committed to the environment. For this reason our products come in 100% biodegradable packaging.

We use recycled materials for the creation of bags and seat protectors. You can visit our sustainability section and learn more about the sustainable processes we use, like Seat Fresh.

SeatFresh prevents the accumulation of sweat and moisture left in the car after training. Its most valuable feature is its fabric liner manufactured by REPREVE® that recovers single-use plastic bottles and provides them with a second use. Thus supporting efforts to maintain viable environmental health.

Things we usually have at home that help the environment by being recycled

The organic waste we generate when we prepare our food can become a very effective fertilizer for our plants. Eggshells, fruit and vegetable shells can be collected in a container to create compost for your plants. If you don’t have them, it’s time to start planting.

You can recycle wooden furniture. If you have a chest of drawers that is already old or getting in the way, you can use it to make other objects that you really need.

You can take the electric appliances you don’t use to thrift stores so they can have a second life. If you have an old TV, calculators, cell phones that you don’t use, don’t hesitate to donate them.

The glass is a very useful material because it is melted to create windows, jars, jewelry.

Paper recycling is an effective way to create other products. Take advantage of all the documents that you no longer need to keep and create a mix to make notebooks from recycled sheets. On the web you can find many ways to create scrapbooks

Recycle textiles for later use. Worn or deteriorated clothing can be mended and given a new use. There are many thrift stores that are having great success. You can also donate them to be frayed and create recycled yarn.

Going beyond products being recycled

We try to curb this excessive waste by recycling one thing or another, but it is simply not enough.

Recycling is not the solution to reverse the pollution problem. It helps, but it is the last thing we should do in our effort to conserve the environment.

A zero waste life is difficult to achieve because of all of the above. But we must try.

In an article published in 2018 by activist Heidi Bischof shows a different way of conceiving a sustainable attitude. She shows the new principles for generating less waste:

  • Reflect on the amount of waste we produce on a daily basis. We must be aware of what we are actually throwing away. Review our habits to see how we can help the environment.
  • Reject everything that we do not need to use or that we know will not serve us for a long time. For example, market bags, plastic containers when we buy soda at fast food places, unnecessary plastic objects.
  • Reduce elements or resources that we do need, such as gas, electricity, water.
  • Reuse in case we cannot refuse something that is totally necessary.
  • Rethink recycling and the way we do it. If we are really doing it correctly. Pre-sorting of garbage is fundamental and separated items such as plastic bottles must be clean without organic waste.

By taking into account the 5R’s we will open our minds to other possibilities and to a truly green conscience.

We must maintain small acts of environmental awareness even if we do not see the benefits in the short term: a more responsible attitude towards nature, be aware of possible threats around us, actively participate in environmental movements and seek alternatives to reduce consumption.

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