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Post-Workout Car Seat Protector

SeatFresh provides athletes the ultimate hygienic protection for their car seat during sweaty post-workout rides home. SeatFresh is a 100% sweat- and waterproof cover that keeps the seat of your car dry and clean after a workout. It is treated with an antimicrobial formula to contain bad odors and prevent microbial growth that causes bacteria. SeatFresh is upholstered with sustainable REPREVE® high quality recycled polyester made from recycled content, including plastic bottles. The slip-proof material on the back side prevents the cover from moving out of position to ensure a comfortable ride home. The cover rolls up as easy as a yoga mat for convenient storage in your car.

REPREVE® is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc.

Don't worry anymore!

✅ Protects your car seat from sweat

✅ Prevents the car from smelling bad

✅ Easy to store in your car


Shoe Deodorizer - 4 pieces (2 pairs)

Filled with 100% natural Moso bamboo charcoal, these deodorizer bags will keep your workout shoes fresh and free of bad odors. Unlike the traditional shoe sprays that typically contain toxic chemicals and fragrances, our ShoeFresh deodorizers don’t cover up any bad smells, they actually eliminate them! Moso bamboo charcoal naturally absorbs moisture, which prevents unpleasant odors to occur from sweat and bacteria. 

This product can be used in sports shoes, bags and gloves, prolonging the lifespan of your equipment workout after workout.

Quantity: 4 pieces (2 pairs)


Laundry Detergent Sheets for Activewear

WearFresh provides an earth-friendly, liquidless and powderless laundry detergent for activewear. The ultra-concentrated detergent sheets are made of all-natural plant-based enzymes that penetrate deep into fibers to eliminate sweat, dirt and odor from all types of sportswear. The compact and lightweight package makes it convenient to store at home and easy to take on-the-go to out-of-town training camps or competitions.


Post-Workout Sweat Bag

BagFresh is a reusable sweat bag that provides an antimicrobial solution to contain dirty activewear, workout gear and shoes.  This double layered, zipper sweat bag helps to keep the dirty and wet gear isolated from the dry stuff in your sports bag. The inner fabric is treated with an antimicrobial technology, which stops bacteria and odor growth from sweat and dirt. The outer fabric is made of 100% RPET recycled materials, which makes it a sustainable and more eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic bags. This bag is lightweight and foldable, which makes it fit easily in your sports bag for a hygienic storage on-the go.

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