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How to get the sweat smell out of clothes

Most people would kill for that post-workout smell. You know, the one where you feel like you’ve really worked up a sweat? And your clothes smell amazing?

Unfortunately, not everyone loves it. In fact, some people downright hate it. Especially when they can smell it on you long after the workout is over.

So what do you do if your loved ones or coworkers can’t stand the smell of sweat – especially when it’s coming from your clothes?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get rid of the sweat smell from your clothes (or at least make it much more subtle). Read on to learn more!

Sweat is a natural way for your body to regulate temperature and it’s also very good for you. Keep in mind that sweating comes from the effort we’re putting forth, which helps our bodies stay healthy by cooling off when necessary or heating up if needed!

Special detergents to get the sweat smell out of clothes

Gym clothes always smell like a wet dog after an hour of use.

The fabric of your workout outfit becomes increasingly moist with each passing minute and it doesn’t seem to matter how much deodorant you apply.

The only solution for this is washing, but not just any old wash will do- our machines need special detergents designed specifically for gym gear.

Swet Athletix offers WearFresh, a detergent for sportswear that is effective in removing bad odors and stains. It is easy to use and you can take it anywhere because of its lightweight and super-concentrated presentation.

Just place a sheet of detergent in the washing machine and WearFresh will do the rest. The smell of sweat will disappear completely, keeping you fresher for longer.

Do not mix sportswear and regular clothes in the laundry basket.

You should avoid mixing sports clothes with normal clothes because they are usually very dirty and sweaty, which will transfer all that bad smell to the other clothes. In addition, you may end up washing with the same cycle all the clothes without taking into account the dirtiest ones, leaving them half-washed.

Homemade solutions to get odor out of clothes

If you prefer a more homemade solution with ingredients you already have at home, you can do the following:

First off, you have to air dry your clothes. This means leaving them out on a hangaring wire or something similar so that the smell can escape freely and if there is sun then even better!

If at any point following this step reveales that garments still smells bad – what’s needed? A rinse-off procedure as follows:

Place clothes inside filled up container (with enough room left over) add baking soda solution followed by vinegar drops; let soak for several hours, scrubbing away accordingly before rinsing thoroughly under running waters.

This method is effective because vinegar works as a natural antibacterial that eliminates bacteria caused by sweat. The strong smell of vinegar also disappears.

You can also add a little salt to the water and let the clothes soak as explained above.


No more sweaty clothes smell! Have you tried our WearFresh detergent or one of these homemade solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

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