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Why our Products?

It’s important to treat your body with the care and attention it deserves. After a workout session you should not neglect looking after yourself and after your workout gear. You deserve to feel refreshed and clean after an intense training session.

Does the smell of sweat invade your training gear and shoes? Does your skin get sticky from workout perspiration? Are you looking to protect your car from bad odors caused by workout sweat and moisture? Do you want to prolong the life of your workout gear? Do you want to keep your hands bacteria free after your workouts? 

Each of these scenarios can be part of any athlete’s daily life. SWET Athletix supports athletes in reaching their goals by offering solutions to tackle these hygiene related challenges. Our products are essential in keeping body and gear fresh and clean, all while keeping the health of our planet in mind.

It’s all here.

  • HandFresh: Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer that keeps hands bacteria free and moisturized.

  • BodyFresh: Full body wipes to get body and face refreshed after a workout. Its pH balanced ingredients won’t irritate the skin.
  • WearFresh: High-concentrated laundry detergent sheets that keep workout clothes clean and fresh.
  • ShoeFresh: Keeps your shoes odor free without the use of powders or sprays.
  • BagFresh: An antimicrobial solution to contain wet workout clothes in your sports bag.
  • SeatFresh: A waterproof and antimicrobial cover to protect the seat of your car.

We have everything that is needed for a fresh and clean post-workout routine.

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