The Ultimate Reusable Post-Workout Car Seat Protector

What is SeatFresh?

Carbon Footprint


Universal Fit

non slip
recycled fabric
non slip
recycled fabric

Protect your car seat before it's too late.

Easy to install

in seconds

Never again use a towel

to protect your car seats.

Unlike using a towel, this solution is the ultimate one.

✅ Stays in place

✅ 100% Waterproof

✅ Antimicrobial formula

✅ Helps the environment

Unlike using a towel, this solution is the ultimate one.

Great Olympic Athletes trust SWET Athletix

Luis Orta

Luis Orta

Great Olympic Athletes trust Swet Athletix

This is what it will look like when


Seat Fresh Folded

This is what it will look like when


Yes, it is. We recommend to wash the product in cold water and in a gentle cycle. Do not put in the drying machine, but rather lay flat to air dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

SeatFresh has a universal fit and is designed to fit on the majority of car seats, for small or midsize cars, as well as trucks and SUVs.

This product is made of neoprene, which itself is not considered eco-friendly since it is not a biodegradable material. Our car seat cover however is made of durable materials to make it last a long time. For the fabric that is laminated on top of the neoprene we use sustainable REPREVE® recycled polyester, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. This contributes to a healthier planet since it reduces our landfill, soil contamination and pollution of our oceans.

SeatFresh is easy to install. 1. Unstrap the seat cover. 2. Slide the head pocket over the seat’s head rest and unroll the cover over the seat. 3. Gently tuck the seat cover in place between the back rest and seat cushion. 4. (Optional) For a more secure fit stretch the black strap under and around the bottom of the seat cushion. 

After use, remove the seat cover and roll up from the head rest downwards. Wrap the (2) loop straps around both ends to secure for easy storage in your vehicle.







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Make the same

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Seat Fresh Repreve Process

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