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Zero plastics
No spill
plant derived ingredients
cruelty free


Laundry Detergent Sheets

for Activewear

WearFresh provides an earth-friendly, liquidless and powderless laundry detergent for activewear. The ultra-concentrated detergent sheets are made of all-natural plant-based enzymes that penetrate deep into fibers to eliminate sweat, dirt and odor from all types of sportswear. 

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non slip
recycled fabric
Seat Fresh Folded


The Ultimate Post-Workout

Car Seat Protector

SeatFresh provides athletes the ultimate hygienic protection for their car seat during sweaty post-workout rides home. SeatFresh is a 100% sweat- and waterproof cover that keeps the seat of your car dry and clean after a workout. It is treated with an antimicrobial formula to contain bad odors and prevent microbial growth that causes bacteria.

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cruelty free


Post-Workout Body


BodyFresh provides a quick post-workout cleansing solution for body + face. The no-rinse performance body wipes remove sweat, dirt and body odors after a workout, leaving your skin fresh and clean without any sticky residue.

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Who is Swet Athletix?

It is the brand that athletes trust after training. It is the brand that cares for the environment while helping athletes feel clean and hygienic after training.

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Buying at Swet Athletix helps the planet

Swet Ahtletix wants to care about the environment in the same way it cares about the well-being of athletes. 

We understand that athletes use the world and the least we can do for it is to take care of it.

And so we do.

1% of Swet Athletix profits go to the planet. It may not seem like much, but a lot of little really makes a difference. 

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