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Recycled plastic clothing

If you’re like most people, you probably think of recycling as a way to help the environment. But what if that there’s another kind of recycling that can help the planet too?

It’s called upcycling, and it involves turning waste materials into something new and useful. Today, we’re going to learn about recycled plastic clothing – how it’s made, what benefits it has, and some tips on how to wear it. Let’s get started!

Why is recycled plastic clothing a useful idea?

The future of the environment is uncertain for us. We are not in a position to know what the future holds if we continue with this accelerated climate change that is upon us.

What we can do is to maintain the sustainable processes we have been creating so far. And one of them is the creation of new products from recycled material.

The alarming figures of the fashion industry, as the second most polluting industry on the planet, invites us to reflect on the consumption of fast fashion and how we can take a viable alternative to this practice so rooted in our country.

The production of recycled plastic clothing is a good alternative.

The creation of clothing from recycled plastic bottles begins with the recovery of thousands of bottles that are discarded daily in landfills and oceans. They go through a sorting process. The selected bottles are crushed into small pieces that will then be melted down to create very thin strands that will be made into yarn.

What are the advantages of recycled plastic clothing?

Recycled plastic bottles are turned into polyester fiber, which is used to manufacture clothes. The advantages of this process are that it does not use any water and the energy needed for its production is significantly less than the amount of energy required to produce virgin polyester from oil.

In addition, Recycled Polyester (rPET) is a highly resistant material that can be used in the manufacture of all kinds of clothing products. Recycled plastic clothing has an excellent life cycle. It does not rot but it can be recycled again and again to make new fabrics, carpets or other types of items.

The quality of this type of fabric is also very good, its touch is soft and pleasant for the skin; Its resistance makes it perfect for sports clothes and shoes as well as for any part that requires flexibility or strength such as pants, jackets or even undergarments like leggings or bodysuits among others.

In short we are talking about a versatile fashion product with multiple uses that allows us to take a step towards sustainability.

What are the issues with recycled plastic clothing?

On the other hand, recycled plastic clothing is more expensive than traditional clothes made of cotton or synthetic fabrics. So far, there are not many companies that produce recycled plastic clothing and this reduces the options for consumers when looking to buy sustainable products.

Clothing made with rPET tends to release microplastics when washed, which water sanitation filters cannot trap. In this way, microplastics end up accumulated in the seas where millions of fish ingest them, risking their lives and those of the humans who consume them.

Recycled Polyester has a lower yield than virgin polyester so it is not possible to manufacture all types of clothes with this type of fabric.

Despite these disadvantages, the future of recycled plastic clothing looks very positive. The advantages presented by this type of product outweigh its disadvantages and as awareness about environmental issues grows, we will see an increase in demand for sustainable fashion alternatives like recycled plastic clothing.

A thought to consider

And although we know that the plastic we currently consume can be recycled into other materials, ideally we should reduce as much as possible the consumption of plastic or other materials that can easily be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start wearing recycled plastic clothing or you can start with our BagFresh, made with rPET.

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